Sunday, December 27, 2009

Is it Redha? (Part 1)

Walau kita dihadapkan
Dengan berbagai pilihan
Mengapa sering terjadi
Pilihan tak menepati

Hingga amat menakutkan
Menghadapi masa depan
Seolah telah terhapus
Sebuah kehidupan yang kudus...

Those are parts of the lyric of an evergreen song which I am not sure what the title was. But true enough, we face choices everyday throughout our lives. Having lots of choices is delightful to most of us as it increases the possibility of choosing the best option. But sometimes choosing not to choose can be the most appropriate approach in certain situation.

Is this some sort of what we call "redha'?
Which means accepting whatever Allah had chosen for us?

I've always convince myself that Allah knows what best for me in everything I do. Allah is my creator. Certainly a creator knows more about his creations. And He understands more about His creation than the creation itself. This is why we must not doubt or questions any of Allah's decisions on us especially those of not to our liking. We as humans can only plan but if our plans didn't work as we had hoped, don't ever complain. Always bear in mind that Allah might have better plans for us and that is why He failed our own plan. Perhaps our own plans will only benefit us in a short run while the plans that Allah had prepared for us last for a life time and suited us the best in a way that we could never imagine.

I don't really planned my life until I reached 22.
During my final year, I planned that after graduation I would go for master, then become a lecturer at Unimas, then get married and finally settling down in Sarawak.
Such a typical, straight forward plan for life..

Three months after graduation I don't do much except "menikmati hidup" (this is a funny phrase from my housemate).I spoiled myself with games, movies (from pirated CD), reading novels and my most preferred activity is wandering around in Kuching on my bike.
I love to "merayau" so much. Thank God snatching cases had not become serious at that time and Kuching was such a peaceful place to roam freely by someone who have less care for own safety like me.

Then in December 2006 I enrolled in MSc. in Human Resource Development at Unimas. I was the youngest student in the class but I don't have problem to fit in and the atmosphere of the class was so lively! I had to say that master class is more enjoyable as it is more flexible. The approach from the lecturers are also different as they encourage more discussions in the class. We rarely have normal lecturing. Most of the time the lecturer will only introduce a topic and then the discussion will start.

Everything went on smoothly until I finished my first semester.
Not long after I started my second semester, I found about GREEN Programme in the internet.

What's this?

And this is the beginning where my plan for life will not go as smoothly as I had hoped..

**Stay tuned! I purposely end this post in a suspense mode..hehe!

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'Aini said...

Allah we can do is plan. But HE is the reason for any plan to happen.

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