Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Is it Redha? (Part 4)

* Salam everyone!! It's been awhile since the last post I uploaded on this blog...Now that I have finished my master classes altogether, I shall try to complete this Is It Redha? chronicles.. Furthermore there's a friend of mine asking about the next sequence of what I'm writing on this blog, so here goes.....

At CIMB, I was placed at HR Unit-Recruitment Section. I should be reporting under Mr.Noel but since he was in Penang at that time, his assistant, Liz took his place. My office was inside Bank Muamalat building, the one which was only a few steps away from Masjid Jamek LRT Station. Below is the exact picture of the Bank Muamalat building:

I was so grateful to be placed here because it is only in walking distance from the LRT station and my apartment that I rented with few friends opposite Jusco Taman Maluri is also next to LRT station. I was so relieved with the fact that I only need to hopped in and off the LRT to go for work. Some of my friends who are not that fortunate need to switched up to three means of public transports in order to get to their offices; LRT-bus-taxi.

Ohh? I mentioned about my apartment? Well, it was in the apartment area just opposite Jusco Taman Maluri, Cheras. My apartment was on the 8th floor of the 7th block in that area, which was one of the nearest block to Taman Maluri LRT station. I only need to walk a few steps because the LRT station is just outside the fence of my block. About the apartment itself, it was partially furnished and when me and my friends stepped in for the first time, the paint odour was still strong. According to the owner, the apartment had just being renovated and repainted. How lucky we were!!

For the first few days at the apartment, all four of us slept in the living room because we haven't unpack and arrange our belongings. Actually the apartment was big enough to accommodate 10 people and at first that is the number of friends that agreed to stay in the apartment but after so many hassles and excuses, only 3 of them succesfully rented the apartment with me. I loved the apartment because it had a small balcony with sliding doors where I enjoyed the view of a small green field in front of my block. I just love the idea that the view from my apartment is not being blocked by the other blocks in the area. It give me some peace of mind having that every morning when I wake up, I will be greeted with the pleasant view from the green field and fresh morning breeze through the sliding doors. In some way, this reminded me of my rented house back in Sarawak. How I miss that lovely house.

After about two weeks sleeping in the living room, me and my friends finally decided it's time to be living in our own rooms in the apartment. There are 3 bedrooms. A friend choose the master bedroom and another two decided to stay together in another room. I choose the third room which was the smallest and has only one window because my stuffs was not much. By the way, the plan is I will be accompanying my friend who stay in the master bedroom so the small room is only for me to put my stuffs.

I remembered the day that I come back from work and started to move my stuffs into the small room. I was so tired that day but I couldn't be living in the living room anymore and I hate to see my stufss unorganised all over the place. So I decided I'll try to finish arranging my stuffs in the small room that very night.

And I should have known that I should never stay in that room.


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