Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Is it Redha? (Part 3)

My flight to KL will depart at 6.45 a.m. I arrived at Kuching Airport quite early but people already queuing up at the check-in counters. After queuing for quite a while, finally it was my turn to check-in and I placed my trunk (it was large and stand up to my thigh) on the conveyor belt to measure its weight.

Only then I realized I had forgot one important thing.

AirAsia will charge for overweighted luggages.

My trunk was too heavy and I need to pay RM100+ to get it into the plane.

I only have RM60 in my purse and I cannot go to ATM machine because I have spent all my money in my account for the flight ticket on the other day. My friend who sent me to the airport already went home. Even if she could come back to help me she will not make it on time as there are only few minutes left before the boarding time.

What should I do now?

The AirAsia staff at the counter suggested that I take out some heavy stuffs from the trunk to make it lighter and carry the stuffs by my hand. Hand luggages will not be charged. I quickly remove as many heavy stuffs as I could from the trunk that I think I could carry by hand including the iron. But then I had too many hand luggages and I couldn't carry them by myself. I need someone to help me but I know no one at the airport. Luckily I spotted a girl about my age walking towards the boarding hall. I quickly ran to her and explain my situation. She agreed to help me with the excessive hand luggages. Finally I placed my trunk on the conveyor belt again and this time its weighed just enough to pass from being charged. Thank God!

I and the girl managed to get onto the plane when it was about to take off. We nearly missed the flight. The stewardess stared at us with a pissed-off look as we walk to our seats. I thanked the girl so much for helping me out. We spent the time on the flight getting to know each other.

Finally the plane landed at LCCT. After helping me packing my hand luggages back into my trunk, the girl bid farewell to me. I never met her again after that. And I forgot to ask for her phone number.

I took a shuttle bus to KL Central. From there I took LRT to Cheras. After arriving at Taman Maluri LRT Station, I took a taxi and asked the driver to take me to Darul Puteri. But he doesn't know where it was. And I also made a mistake of misplacing the plan to Darul Puteri that I had printed out from the email they sent to me. So we began searching around the housing area. Then I recalled from the plan that Darul Puteri is a building with a green dome and there's a petrol station near it. We made several stops along the way to ask for directions from the passers by. The locals claimed that they didn't know about such building but there is a place for training commonly used by the Pandu Puteri. We guessed that could be the place so we asked for directions to go there. Finally we came to a building compound and I spotted a banner outside the fence - Welcome GREEN Participants! I was relieved. After paying him, I thanked the taxi driver for spending his time helping me find Darul Puteri.

I was one of the earliest participant to arrive at the site. The registration will start in the afternoon so I made some friends and we set off to Jusco which was not far from there to kill some time. From that day, I enjoyed myself so much at the programme. Here are some pictures of me with the coolest friends I ever met:

This was during the ice breaking sessions. We were put into groups according to the number on our ID tag. For this first meeting I volunteered to be the group leader. We named ourselves - "Alphians".

We won 1st place during Telematch organized by Sports Committee. Ever since then we keep on winning in every event organized throughout the programme. Other groups agreed that we have very good chemistry with each other that enabled us to always be at the top.

Chilling out together at a superbowl.

This was a play performed by our group assisted with some members from other groups. I had become the narrator for this play. This picture was taken when we performed during the closing ceremony dinner. The play was a huge success.

Our picture as a group together with the facilitators of the programme. This dinner was held at Saloma Bistro.

So, that was the end of the 2 months training at Darul Puteri. On the next day after the dinner, we were told to pack our things and prepare for on-job-training at GLCs. We were selected individually by the management team of the programme so we didn't get to choose which GLC we wished to go.

I was placed at CIMB.

From there the real journey began.

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